What is a LARIAT?
Lariat, Lasso, Lazo...
A long chain often represents the modern version of this jewel with two hanging ends. Me, Claire Bourgault from "FLUXX Bijoux", make it even easier to wear this beautiful jewel.
I made all versions of my LARIATs with an open piece added to the chain so you can wear it short around your neck, as a scarf, long, or even a belt! It's a magical necklace; you decide how to wear it; it's up to you to match your clothes, not the other way around.
Have fun and create your dream jewel!

For a quick overview!

LARIAT - short version
Go through the open piece each time you finish a turn of your neck!

LARIAT - another short version
Don't forget to come back for the chain to clear the neck!

LARIAT - long version
Simplicity; thread a minimum of two times!

LARIAT - scarf version
Fold your Lariat and put it on like a scarf!

LARIAT - Fishing Knot
A very solid way to "tie" your Lariat!

LARIAT - "Follow me Mister"
Simply wear your Lariat on your back! Here as a scarf.

LARIAT - double loop
My favorite way to 'finalize" my Lariat!

LARIAT - a belt
Important; secure the bead to "fix" the chain!

LARIAT - how to remove 
Pull gently and take it off beautifully!