SET (Lariat&Bracelet&Earrings) - APPLE "the core" & Carnelian

SET (Lariat&Bracelet&Earrings) - APPLE "the core" & Carnelian

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LARIAT; The apple is a divine gift, a symbol of perfection (inspired by its round shape) and beauty. They are also associated with eternal youth and immortality.

BRACELET; Carnelian 6mm beads, 4mm stainless steel beads, open apple 

EARRINGS; Open Apples

Carnelian is a stone that connects to the lower chakras. This means that it brings the metaphysical properties of being a gem that offers stability, grounding, a zest for life, and helps to improve confidence and creativity

  • Materials: pewter, stainless steel, stone beads, elastic cord
  • Dimensions: Apple core 1.5x1.5in, small apple 18x17mm, Earrings 18x17mm+12mm HOOKS, Bracelet 7in

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