SET (Lariat&/Bracelet) -  "COQUELICOT Rouge - Corail"
SET (Lariat&/Bracelet) -  "COQUELICOT Rouge - Corail"
SET (Lariat&/Bracelet) -  "COQUELICOT Rouge - Corail"

SET (Lariat&/Bracelet) - "COQUELICOT Rouge - Corail"

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LARIAT; As they are symbols of sleep and regeneration, on a spiritual level, poppies symbolize the eternal life of the soul, including reincarnation. They remind us that the death of the physical body on Earth is just a step in the evolution of the soul.

BRACELET; Carnelian and Red Coral 6mm beads, Volcanic Stone 10mm bead.

It represents success and prosperity and also signifies circulation, both within the body and without. Red Coral's meaning is the correct use of power, untapped energy, and driving ambition that creates leadership, courage, and confidence

  • Materials: pewter, stainless steel, resin, 10 & 6mm stones beads, elastic cord, Swarovski
  • Dimensions: Poppy 60x60mm, Pendant 25x25mm, 38" chain, Bracelet 7in

Shipping starts around the 13th of May; thanks for your comprehension 

Amounts for the SP;

LARIAT&Bracelet 15$ - LARIAT 5$ - BRACELET 2.5$

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