SET (Lariat&Bracelet&Earrings) -  "MANDALA"

SET (Lariat&Bracelet&Earrings) - "MANDALA"

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LARIAT; The word mandala comes from Sanskrit and means "circle, center, unity, totality." Although the circle symbolizes the divine in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions, this fundamental shape representing life has appeared in various cultures since the beginning of time.

BRACELET; Obsidian & Pink Cristal 8mm beads, Red Coral 6mm beads

EARRINGS; Black Studs

Volcanic stone, the Obsidian, is a protective stone. For many centuries, its strength has been used to accelerate healing. The depth of its black color symbolizes balance and stability.

  • Materials: pewter, stainless steel, resin, stones beads, elastic cord, Swarovski
  • Dimensions: Mandala 60x60mm, Pendant 25x25mm, 38" chain, Bracelet 7in

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