SET (Lariat&Bracelet&Earrings) - TIES "Limonade Sucrée"

SET (Lariat&Bracelet&Earrings) - TIES "Limonade Sucrée"

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LARIAT; Neckties have always symbolized nobility, honor, and order... Time to make it FUN! 

BRACELET; Cristal 8x6mm beads & Stainless Steel 6mm beads


  • Materials: pewter, stainless steel, washi tape, resin, 8 & 6mm beads, elastic cord, Swarovski
  • Dimensions: BIG TIE 80x32mm, small TIE 35x16mm, 38" chain, Bracelet 7in, Earring; 10mm x 12mm hooks

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