It's now or never!

New Collection - The lasts Sterling Silver pieces!
Until the end of school... !

Yes, until June 23! 🥰

I add a pair of earrings to the 1st lariat
I take off 30% on the 2nd lariat
I take off 40% on the 3rd lariat
I take off 50% on the 4th lariat, and all the following ones!!!


PS; That's me on the pictures over the web site!

Take a look at the "How to wear my Lariat" page to see the stars in my own eyes!

What I love the most about my job is creating stars in your eyes! I love when you're more than happy to receive your order and share your creations with me; I'm always impressed by how creative you are with your Lariat!

I wish for every woman to be proud of herself and to smile at the world!
Just be you; you are beautiful!

Looking forward to meeting you, Claire xxx


"Les Dompteuses de Lariat!" fb group!

ps; you have to answer the questions... make me laugh!

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Lariat Jewel

1 necklace, 1001 possibilities!

A lariat is a long chain without clasp that you can wear as a scarf, a belt, long, or short... you get the point, right?!
With my Lariats, you can now change the parts or the chain for another color or length. You can create the perfect necklace, the one of your dream that fits YOU and your unicity!

MODULAR LARIAT... The perfect jewel!

An open piece, pendant, and a chain, it's the minimum required to create your dream necklace and play endlessly!

Et Voilà! You have your dream Lariat Jewel!