Welcome to the wonderful world of Lariats!

Recently established in the Eastern Townships, I have been creating LARIATS since 2006; the concept seduced me when I was looking for the perfect necklace...!

A Lariat is a long chain without a clasp that you can wear long, short, as a belt, and more... The possibilities are endless; you can make it as UNIQUE as you are!

LAZO Jewelry, where magic and self-affirmation go hand in hand! Wear it the way YOU want!

You can reach me by;

mail; CP202, BP Bureau-Chef, Granby, Qc, J2G 8E1 (Notify me before sending anything!)

email; Claire@lazobijoux.com

phone; 514.512.3138

Messenger; Facebook , Instagram,  YouTube or TikTok!

Homing Pigeon can be cool too, they will find me for sure, especially if they speaks "crow" (there are many in Granby!)!

And if you can do telepathy, that would be awesome!


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