10 fun facts about jewelry

Fact No. 1
Strangely enough, the word jewelry comes from an old French word, jouel, which comes from the Latin Jocale, meaning toy : )

Fact No. 2
In average, women in their forties have a jewelry assortment worth around $8000 and that value increases by $2,500 per decade. Typically, 50-year-old women holds $10,500 worth of jewelry!

Fact No. 3
The more influence women have, the more valuable their collection is.

Fact No. 4
Women are generally very reluctant to sell the jewelry they own, hence the importance of choosing them carefully.

Fact No. 5
Jewelry is very often attached to souvenirs.
If you've just stood out, now might be the time to spoil yourself and remember this victory with something special!

Fact No. 6
The jewelry you wear is a reflection of yourself.
Wearing jewelry that stands out and is different says a lot about you; be proud of who you are, never stop shining!

Fact No. 7
A piece of jewelry can give you motivation.
Wearing something that makes you proud and happy will most certainly change your mood and increase your self-esteem.

Fact No. 8
A piece of jewelry can be a great conversation starter.
If you're nervous about going on a date, whether it's a party, a meeting to expand your network or a new job, a piece of jewelry that's out of the ordinary can make this adventure easier and more enjoyable.

Fact No. 9
In most cultures jewelry was also a protection against evil forces. The most famous piece of jewelry used for this purpose is the symbol "ankh" among Egyptians.
That's probably still a little true today!

Fact No. 10
The earliest evidence of jewels dates back 100,000 years.
There's nothing new here, the day men and women were capable of creativity it’s probably the first thing they did.
I imagine that feeling beautiful has always been essential.

As an extra
In the past, women received most of their jewelry from their lover, but nowadays they spoil themselves more! Today's women are more assertive, more independent, and take their destiny into their own hands.

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