Why FLUXX Bijoux?

FLUXX Bijoux par Claire Bourgault


As a jewelry student from 1997 to 2000 at the École de Joaillerie de Montréal, I officially launched FLUXX Bijoux in 2006.

The name FLUXX comes first and foremost from the jewelry industry. In fact, anyone who has ever welded steel, precious metals, or any other kind of metal has heard that word before! FLUX" is a chemical product used in the welding process in order to prevent oxidation of the metals. It protects the metal from the air when heated while helping the solder to "flow" and allow the two parts to completely blend together. It comes in many forms; solid, paste, liquid, already present in the solder...

But in French the word "FLUX" (meaning "FLOW"), is also the circulation of a liquid, of an energy, of abundance... like the LARIAT’s chain (my favorite necklace!) that moves according to our desires; the perfect match!

ps; note the addition of an X (not two!), to give a more modern dimension...! To be pronounced "flox".

Looking forward to talking with you soon!


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