Do you know where the LARIAT comes from?

It's from cowboys that we get the habit of wearing it around our necks... And yes! From the original lasso, it became a leather cord using a jewel to adjust the opening. Later on, jewelers took the idea to make large scarves out of beads or chains, which can be worn in many ways.

Its discovery in a 2005 supply catalog was revealing, a real favorite!

Without reinventing the style, I adapted it to what I knew about the LARIAT to allow a greater versatility. The addition of an open piece at one end now allows to adapt and style it to today's fashion!

It can be worn around the neck as a scarf, long, short or even as a belt!
It's up to you to decide how to wear it; it's now up to your necklace to adapt to your clothes, not the other way around!

Long live the LARIAT!!!!

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  • Christiane

    Super beaux bijoux. Wow

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