Let's delve into history!

Have you ever wondered where Lariats, these versatile and elegant jewelry pieces, originate from?

Lariats draw their inspiration from different cultures and traditions around the world. Although the exact origin of lariats cannot be attributed to a single place, this jewelry has been popular in different parts of the globe for centuries.

Lariats were worn by First Nations women, such as the Navajo and Hopi tribes in the southwestern USA, where they were made from beads, shells, and other natural materials.

They have also been associated with Mexican culture, particularly with charros (Mexican cowboys), who wore leather lariats adorned with silver pendants.

In addition, lariats were also influenced by the traditional jewelry of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures, where long, delicate necklaces were worn for their graceful yet bold appearance.

Today, lariats are created by artisans and jewelers from all over the world, who incorporate their own vision and personal style into the design of these jewels.

And so, in 2006, I created my versions, embellished with an open piece, to offer even more creative freedom!

It's now your turn to have fun!



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