Whether it's a small piece of jewelry "glued" to your ear, called a stud, or a piece of jewelry that gently sways with your movements, called a pendant, Earrings are ideal accessories to add a magical touch to your look!


For a quick overview

LARIAT - short version

Go through the open piece each time you finish a turn of your neck!

LARIAT - another short version

Don't forget to come back for the chain to clear the neck!

LARIAT - long version

Simplicity; thread a minimum of two times! (in fact 3 is better!)

LARIAT - scarf version

Fold your Lariat and put it on like a scarf!

LARIAT - Fishing Knot

A very solid way to "tie" your Lariat! - Perfect for the belt <3

LARIAT - "Follow me Mister"

Simply wear your Lariat on your back! Here as a scarf.

LARIAT - double loop

My favorite way to 'finalize" my Lariat!