One of a kind show

I'll be there with the new witchy collection, and the Christmas one!

Grab your ticket!

PS; That's me on the pictures over the web site!

Take a look at the "How to wear my Lariat" page to see the stars in my own eyes!

see the "how to wear my lariat" page


"Les Dompteuses de Lariat!" fb group!

ps; you have to answer the questions... make me laugh!

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Lariat Jewel

1 necklace, 1001 possibilities!

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MODULAR LARIAT... The perfect jewel!

An open piece, pendant, and a chain, it's the minimum required to create your dream necklace and play endlessly!

A chain + a set - or - an open piece & a Pendant

Et Voilà! You have your dream Lariat Jewel!

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