Who am I? part 2!

Thank you for being in my life!

It's a busy one, and I just remembered that I forgot to plan the continuation of my presentation... But I know you don't hold it against me; you're just excited to read the next part 😂

By the way, before I forget, I'm organizing a special day in early September... If you want to know more, I talked about it "live" in the past few weeks... It's taking shape! I'll make the official announcement here and on social media soon 🥰

And finally, the part you've been patiently waiting for, or maybe not... almost everything about me! 😅


So here's the continuation!

#6 - I did short-track speed skating throughout high school, and then as a young adult, I became a coach in a club. I stopped ten years later when I was six months pregnant! It was an incredible ten years of sharing my joy of skating with children who are now adults!

#7 - I met my partner thanks to speed skating; he was a skate boot manufacturer, and I worked with him. He introduced me to inline skating, where we both fell in love!

#8 - I have a beloved daughter (my partner already had a child when I met him) and three biological children; this blend enriches my family!

#9 - I created my first lariats in 2006! I stumbled upon a long chain called Lariat and decided to add an open piece to it voilà! Since then, I've been constantly having fun finding unique ways to wear it!

#10 - I wouldn't say I like wearing jewelry; it's never the right length or color... That's why I love lariats so much! I adapt it to MY reality, to MY uniqueness!!!


It was a pleasure to share these fun details! What surprised you about my journey? Do you have any unanswered questions after reading this? Feel free to write to me if you have any questions!!! And I will continue to let my creativity shine through my lariats!

Claire and her funny Lariats!


See you soon online on the website, live on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram,

LAZO Bijoux, wear it the way YOU want!
Ps; Share your discoveries! The more we are, the more I create!

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